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Selected Department Personnel

EM WP Name Research Interests Office Phone #
Vladimir ChernovManifolds and cell complexes; Global analysis, analysis on manifolds; Differential geometry304 Kemeny Hall603-646-2421
Peter DoyleCombinatorics; Global analysis, analysis on manifolds; Miscellaneous331 Kemeny Hall603-646-1058
Anne GelbNumerical analysis; Developing numerical algorithms for edge detection and image reconstruction; numerical PDEs207 Kemeny Hall603-646-2951
Carolyn S. GordonDifferential geometry205 Kemeny Hall603-646-3047
Marcia GroszekMathematical logic and foundations; Set theory330 Kemeny Hall603-646-2313
  Philip Hanlon  
Rosa C. OrellanaCombinatorics319 Kemeny Hall603-646-2430
Scott D. PaulsDifferential geometry; Data analysis; Complex systems; Applications to economics, neuroscience, sociology, and political science.303 Kemeny Hall603-646-1047
Daniel N. RockmoreComplex systems; Machine learning; Networks; Computational harmonic analysis233 Kemeny Hall603-646-3260
Thomas R. ShemanskeNumber theory337 Kemeny Hall603-646-3179
Dorothy I. WallaceMathematical biology; Ordinary differential equations; Number theory204 Kemeny Hall603-646-3610
David L. WebbDifferential geometry; K-theory; Global analysis, analysis on manifolds309 Kemeny Hall603-646-1271
Dana P. WilliamsFunctional analysis; Operator Algebras, Crossed products of C*-dynamical systems and Morita Equivalence305 Kemeny Hall603-646-2990
Peter Winkler
Combinatorics; Probability theory and stochastic processes; Computer science231 Kemeny Hall603-646-3468

Associate Professor
EM WP Name Research Interests Office Phone #
Sergi ElizaldeCombinatorics332 Kemeny Hall603-646-8191
Craig J. SuttonDifferential geometry321 Kemeny Hall603-646-1059
John D. Trout
Functional analysis; K-theory; Quantum theory; Operator Algebras, Noncommutative Geometry, Index Theory, Connes-Higson E-theory, Fredholm Manifolds302 Kemeny Hall603-646-2958
 Erik van Erp308 Kemeny Hall603-646-9837
John VoightNumber theory; Algebraic geometry; Algebraic computing341 Kemeny Hall603-646-2672

Assistant Professor
EM WP Name Research Interests Office Phone #
Feng FuMathematical biology; Networks; Evolutionary Dynamics; Cooperation; Cancer; Infectious Diseases210 Kemeny Hall603-646-2293
Yoonsang LeeApplied and Computational Mathematics; Numerical PDEs, Uncertainty Quantification, Data Assimilation206 Kemeny Hall603-646-3178
Ina PetkovaLow-dimensional topology317 Kemeny Hall