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John Kemeny teaching outside on campus; the photo looks south toward Reed Hall. Further south is a view of Bissell Hall, former home of Thayer School of Engineering, which was located in the area where the Hopkins Center plaza is today.

Graduate Students

Our recent Ph.D.s

Michael Musty and Sam Schiavone received their Ph.D.s this summer focusing on topics in algebra, geometry, and number theory. Michael’s thesis is 2-group Belyi Maps and he has a visiting position at ICERM where he will be working on visualizations of dessins d’enfants in the Illustrating Mathematics program. Sam’s thesis is On Algebras Of Low Rank And On Belyi Maps and he is moving on to a postdoc position at MIT in the Number Theory group.

Undergraduate Research

Biomathematics research project in Stockholm

Byrne Scholars Connor Spencer ’22 and Jacob Fyda ’22 conducted an undergraduate research project in biomathematics at the Wenner Gren Institute in Stockholm, Sweden this summer. Martin Jastroch and Michael Gaudry, the project’s supervisors, study mitochondria and cellular energy metabolisms. Instructor Bjoern Muetzel facilitated this exchange. From left: Martin Jastroch, Bjoern Muetzel, Connor Spencer, and Michael Gaudry.

Faculty Research

Professor Voight’s research highlighted by Simons Foundation

The annual report of the Simons Foundation features Principal Investigator John Voight's research in arithmetic geometry and number theory and explores where this work may lead in the future. “Our collaboration grew out of the questions: What does computational number theory look like in the 21st century, and what tools should be developed for use by the arithmetic geometry community?” Learn more +

More news

Recent Publications

Products of symmetric group characters

Rosa Orellana, Mike Zabrocki

Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A

The Belyi degree of a curve is computable

Ariyan Javanpeykar, John Voight

Contemporary Mathematics

Cyclic descents for near-hook and two-row shapes

Ron M. Adin, Sergi Elizalde, Yuval Roichman

European Journal of Combinatorics

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