MATC Courses

  • Pattern: An Interdisciplinary Course in Textile Design and Elementary Group Theory
    (Studio Art/Math)

  • Geometry in Art and Architecture
    (Math/Art History)

  • Mathematics and Culture: Renaissance Thought, Imagination and the New Universe

  • Attractive Disorder: Chaos in Literature, Mathematics and Beyond

  • A Matter of Time
    (Math/Spanish Literature)

  • How Many Angels? Mathematics, Philosophy and the Infinite

  • Mathematics and Science Fiction: The Fire in the Equations
    (Math/Comparative Literature)

  • Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science
    (Math Computer Science/ Engineering)

  • Mathematics and Music

  • Applications of Calculus to Medicine and Biology

  • Integrated Math and Physical Science (IMPS)
    (Physics/Math/Chemistry) (4 courses)

  • The Drama of Science

Courses influenced by MATC
(new modules or other interventions)

  • Remote Sensing
    (Earth Science/Geography)
  • Environmental Change
    (Earth Science)
  • Advanced Community Biology
  • Population Ecology
  • Introduction to Earth Sciences
    (Earth Science)
  • Chance
  • Music and Computers
    (Computer Science/Music)
  • Introduction to Calculus
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
    (Biology/Math and Social Science)
  • Natural Disasters and Catastrophes
    (Earth Science/Math)
  • Introduction to Linear Models
  • Introductory Statistics
    (Math 10, Econ 10, Psychology 10, Social Science 10)
  • Econometrics