General Information

Instructor: Nishant Malik
Office: 310 Kemeny Hall
Phone: 603-646-9020

Class Times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:30 -12:35 PM
Class Room: 108 Kemeny Hall

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM [or by appointment].
X-hours: Tuesday 12:15 PM -1:05 PM [Will be used intermittently at instructor's discretion for review of course material etc. Do not schedule anything regular in this X-hr].


Title: Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World
Edition: First
Authors: David Easley and Jon Kleinberg
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (2010)
Link to online draft: networks-book.pdf


Percentage of total grades
Class participation 30%
Project 70%


At the end of the course each student has to submit a research project based on the material learned during the course. Students can choose either to work on a project individually or in a team of 2 to 3 students. The main criteria for grading a project will be the originality of the idea/problem and complexity of methods, concepts and techniques used. Project document should be submitted in a pdf format generated using latex or html generated using Jupyter(Ipython Notebook). Students are highly encouraged to use the Jupyter(Ipython Notebook) option for submission and to include interactive graphics in their submission. Please check out tools like mpld3 or Bokeh for creating interactive plots in Jupyter. Students are also expected to give a brief presentation to the class about their project.

Project submission deadline: March 6
Project presentations: March 8 and 10

Groups for Class Work

Group I (Level 1): Joshua Perlmutter, Jason Wei, Omkar Sreekanth
Group II (Level 1): James (Yi Yuan), Michael Huang, Jack Dunn, Amber Liu
Group III (Level 2): Sarah Chen, Joon Cho, Milan Huynh, Jeffrey Kim
Group IV (Level 1): Dylan Hong, Ava Giglio, Rachel Webb
Group V (Level 2): Sean Howe, Greta Joung, Harry Qi
Group VI (Level 2): Ria Goel,Yue Wang, Richard Shen

Special needs

Students with diagnosed learning disability are encouraged to discuss with the instructor any appropriate accommodations that might be helpful. All discussions will remain confidential, although the Student Accessibility Services office may be consulted.