2.6 Tangent Lines and Their Slopes



The study of calculus begins in earnest with a solution of the Tangent Line problem. Its solution leads to the derivative and the rich subject of differential calculus.

By the end of your studying, you should know:

On-screen applet instructions: Note that the tangent line is the dotted blue line. Use the slider to control the position of the point Q (hence the secant line and its slope m).


Can you find a tangent line to f(x) = |x| at x = 0?

A practice ski jump hill follows the shape of a given curve. Come up with a formula for the angle the skier's skis make with the horizontal, and find how far from the top of the jump he is when this angle is the greatest.

A potted cactus is thrown upward with a velocity of 40 feet per second. Its height in feet at time t is given by the formula h(t) = 40t – 16t2. Find its velocity 2 seconds after it is released.


Secant and Tangent Lines


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Interesting Application

The Koch Snowflake is a continuous curve that does not have a tangent line at any point.

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