Dartmouth Geometry Seminar
Fall 2016–Spring 2017
Tuesday 4-5 PM
307 Kemeny Hall
Note: Special meeting times are marked in red.
Date Speaker Title
Oct. 10 Mary Sandoval
(Trinity College)
Oct. 5, 4pm Alexandre Girouard
(Universite Laval)
Sept. 26 Petra Bonfire-Taylor
(Dartmouth College, Thayer Engineering School)
Sept. 20, 9am Moon Duchin
(Tufts University)
Discrete geometry, with applications to voting

September 20, 2017: Moon Duchin "Discrete geometry, with applications to voting"

Abstract: Several specialties in mathematics and computer science are built around discrete or metric-space generalizations of classical geometry of manifolds. In math, comparison geometry (with roots in ideas of Alexandrov and others) has taken off in geometric group theory, proving very fruitful for the large-scale study of discrete groups. In CS, there's a burgeoning field of discrete differential geometry, which looks at geometry of meshes and builds up theory of curvature, Laplacians, and so on. I'll survey some ideas in these areas and will explain possible applications to electoral redistricting.

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