V63.0140-3 Linear Algebra

Instructor: Alex Barnett
email: barnett at cims.nyu.edu
tel: 212-998-3296, rm 1122 Warren Weaver Hall (WWH)
Office hours: 4-5pm Tuesdays, 2-3pm Wednesdays.

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Grade boundaries will be 88 +-2 % for A/B boundary, 78 +-2 % for B/C boundary, and 60 +-5 % for C/D boundary. (D/F will be finalized later). Remember your scoring system is 30% HW, 20% best 3 of 4 quizzes, 20% midterm, and 30% final.


Handouts, corrections, and interesting links:


PS You will be pleased to know my research in physics and medical imaging relies heavily on linear algebra. I am not special - almost any practicing scientist or mathematician would say the same. So... keep studying - it's useful!