Alex Barnett

Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics
How to reach me:
Kemeny, room 206, tel (603) 646-3178
Applied Math Lab: Kemeny, room 209

By physical mail:
Department of Mathematics
6188 Kemeny Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH, 03755

Research  support: National
NSF     Wetterhahn Award
Jeffe Fellowship
Bio and CV;     Professional statement (2016) Note: As of late 2014, I am also a consulting senior research scientist at the CCB at the new Flatiron Institute in NYC, working on algorithms and software for neural spike sorting, cryo-EM, and other numerical problems. I will spend a significant fraction of each year there over the period 2015-2018.

Publications, talks, and notes     (also see google scholar)

Our group: Paula Chen '17. Senior thesis on improving spike sorting algorithms for neural electrical recordings.
Matthew Jin '17. NSF-funded undergraduate researcher measuring topology statistics of nodal sets of random plane waves.
Prospective grad students: although the 1st-yr qual is pure-math oriented, the 2nd-yr need not be, and we have an expanding applied/computational group at Dartmouth. Do apply!

Seminars and conferences: I started and co-run the Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar. I am a main organizer for the workshop Modern Advances in Computational and Applied Mathematics at Yale, June 2017.

Collaboration & mentoring:

Teaching  students should check out our applied courses roadmap

Service to College on Student Life

  • Letter to President Hanlon on Sexual Assault and the Greek System (Sept 2013). Contains useful references for anyone who cares about reducing rape on campus.
  • Opening statement for The Great Debate on the future of the Greek system at Dartmouth (April 2014). Accompanying reading list documenting effects of Greek life on student wellbeing.
  • Letter to The Dartmouth re article in Green Key special issue (May 2014).
  • Statement for Moving Dartmouth Forward Committee on Extreme Behaviors (Aug 2014).
  • Our letter signed by at least 239 faculty, on phasing out the Greek system. (Nov 2014). Faculty voted on this issue 11/3/14: 116 for, 13 against, 3 abstain.
Old Personal Page  media projects, music, photos, wind energy, electronics...

Images from our group used for SMS/CRM 2015 poster:

Periods, pitches & pipes: a new middle-school teaching module connecting music and math. Megan Martinez, Alex Barnett (via GK12 and NSF, 2013)


Quasi-periodic scattering from dielectric gratings (2010):

My front cover, Notices of the AMS (2008):

MFS basis stability for the Helmholtz equation (2004):

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Dartmouth crime map

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