Applied & Computational Mathematics Seminar

tumor modeling (F. Fu)
The ACMS brings together researchers with common interests in the real-world applications of mathematical models (both continuous and discrete) and tools to tackle the resulting numerical simulation and computational challenges. Talks, enjoyed in a casual setting, include both outside speakers, and locals (for whom it is a chance to reach outside one's own department). The topics and audience will broadly cover the physical, neuro-, life, computational sciences, mathematics, statistics, medicine, engineering, etc; hence these talks will keep the breadth of the audience in mind. We also have a focus on numerical PDE and signal processing coming from the Gelb and Barnett groups, complex systems from the Rockmore and Pauls groups, and mathematical biology coming from the Fu and Wallace groups. (These talks might be more taylored to their respective audiences.)
wave scattering (A. Barnett / B. Nelson / M. Mahoney)