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Advanced placements based upon standard exams: AP, IB, A-Level

  • By late July, every incoming first year student should receive and email concerning Math Placement. If you did not receive an email before orientation, please contact Scott Pauls. As detailed in the email, all math placement issues will be handled via the Math Placement System on Canvas. Please follow the instructions in the email to gain access to the system. Then, follow the instructions within the Canvas site to assess and potentially change your placement. Exams for credit and/or placement will be available on the site starting at the beginning of August. Every credit/placement exam should be completed by 4pm September 11, 2014 to ensure correct placement before picking classes.

  • Students have the opportunity to take calculus placement exams offered by the department through the Math Placement System. These exams may be taken by those who did not take a standardized placement exam, or by those who wish to upgrade their placement (e.g. from exemption to credit). As mentioned in the information mailed to you over the summer, it is in your best interest to review for these exams, since placements based upon them are not negotiable. By the way, you cannot receive a lower placement by taking the department's exam, so you are encouraged to take it if it is at all germane to your situation.
    Note: If you would like a list of topics for review, please consult the detailed syllabi and review materials on the Placement site in Canvas.

Placement based upon Calculus AP exam scores
Which Exam Grade Course Exemption or Credit Placement
Calculus BC 4 or 5 Credit -- Two course credits: Math 3 and Math 8 Math 11/12.
  1, 2 or 3 Determined by AB subscore (see below) Determined by AB subscore (see below)
Calculus AB 4 or 5 Credit for Math 3 Math 8/9
  1, 2 or 3 No exemption or credit Math 3

Placement based upon Mathematics IB exam scores
Grade Course Exemption or Credit Placement
6 or 7 Credit for Math 3; Math 8/9
Students with significant preparation on topics covered in the Math 8 syllabus should consider taking our Math 8 "credit" exam if they wish to try for a Math 8 credit (and to receive placement into Math 11 or Math 13)

  • For placement based on the British A-level exams, the word exemption is used in the following context: If you receive an exemption for a course, then your scores are insufficient to grant you credit for the course. On the other hand, it is clear that you have mastered a good deal of the material, and that much of the course will be a review. An exemption gives you the right to skip the course and take the sequel. The Department does not recommend this, and you accept the risk that the sequel may be over your head. If you exercise your right to skip the course, you do not get credit for the course you skip ... ever.

  • To add some confusion to the issue, it is not necessarily the case that other departments will consider an exemption as adequate to serve as a prerequisite for their courses. For example, Mathematics 3 is a prerequisite for many economics courses. An exemption from Math 3 is generally not considered sufficient to satisfy the prerequisite of the economics department. Credit in Math 3 is required.

Placement based upon British A-Level exam scores
Grade Course Exemption or Credit Placement
A Exemption for Math 3 (But you may take our placement exam to attempt to upgrade this ``unspecified'' credit to a Math 3 credit.) Math 3 (Take this if you want a Math 3 credit, but haven't received it yet by passing the appropriate placement exam.)
Math 8/9 (You may choose one of these, but be sure to read the notes at the top of the page regarding exemptions.)