Mathematics is an amazing and beautiful intellectual creation, one of the human race's deepest endeavors. The world around us, and the future world we are creating, is woven through with mathematics—from the symmetry groups of Navajo weavings, to the airflow around a flapping bird’s wing, to the security of global computer networks. Topology, geometry, prime numbers, probability. Mathematics is full of unsolved problems and mind-bending concepts and the Mathematics Department at Dartmouth is a place to learn about and investigate these ideas.

We are located in beautiful new Kemeny Hall. Please come visit.
Professor <span class='showcase'>Vladimir Chernov</span> has 
been awarded <em>Gordon Russell 1955 Fellowship</em> for 2013-2014. Professor Vladimir Chernov has been awarded Gordon Russell 1955 Fellowship for 2013-2014.
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Upcoming Events: Mar 25-31, 2012

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Tuesday, March 27
1:00 PM
Thursday, March 29
4:00 PM

Exploring Mathematics

Summer Workshops July 14 — August 1

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